Kevin Reger's Awesome Bachelor Party Roadtrip


This page has a few photos that highlight some of the activities during Kevin Reger's bachelor party road trip to the 1998 Kentucky Derby. Just click on the images to get a better picture. Please feel free to send me any additions or corrections.

That's Tommy and Heck enjoying a few of Tal's mint juleps at the "pre-Derby-park-on-a-lawn
-with-an-oversized-vehicle" party.

Dan with his trademark hat waiting to fire up the BBQ.

There's the whole gang in front of the party RV right before heading into Churchill downs.

There's the studly bachelor looking cool on the inner track of the stadium.

From the inside of the track, that's about as close as I could to seeing any horses on that day!

After three mint juleps (and other intoxicants) this was my view (and angle!) of the Derby horses as they went by.

While we were leaving Churchill Downs after the last race we even spied a celebrity - Sly Stalone.

Last updated July 23, 1998


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