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Akan Goldweights

This site provides a rich collection of information and photos of Akan goldweights. The Akan people live in the southern part of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. The Akan goldweights exhibit animation, humor, and freedom of expression coupled with endless variety. Their detail excite curiosity about their origins and meaning. Such inquiry is rewarding, because goldweight forms often reflect Akan historyand life, from religion and politics to social behavior and responsibilities of the individual.

Kente Cloth

Kente is an Asante ceremonial cloth hand-woven on a horizontal treadle loom. The Asante people live in the southern part of Ghana. Strips measuring about 4 inches wide are sewn together into larger pieces of cloths. Cloths come in various colors, sizes and designs and are worn during very important social and religious occasions. In a total cultural context, kente is more important than just a cloth. It is a visual representation of history, philosophy, ethics, oral literature, moral values, social code of conduct, religious beliefs, political thought and aesthetic principles.

Adinkrah Symbols

Adinkra is one of the highly valued hand-printed and hand-embroidered cloths. Its origin is traced to the Asante people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Cote' d'Ivoire. Adinkra cloths were made and used exclusively by the royalty and spiritual leaders for very important sacred ceremonies and rituals. In modern times, however, adinkra cloths are used for a wide range of social activities. In addition to its sacred usage, it is also used to make clothing for such special occasions as festivals, church-going, weddings, naming ceremonies and initiation rites. This Friends of Ghana HomePage also has a very extensive list of Adinkra symbols with their meanings.

The Republic of Ghana's WebPage

This is the official web site for the government of Ghana. It is full of general and useful information for business people, travelers, and students.

NCS Ghana HomePage

Put together by a computer company located in Accra, this HomePage has lots of good general reference information available on Ghana. You can also get the latest news from the Nation's two main daily newspapers, The Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times.

Ghana Airways HomePage

Follow this link to the Ghana Airways' World Wide Web Home Page.

Akan Cultural Symbols Project

This project is designed as an educational resource to show some aspects of the rich cultural heritage of the Akan people of Ghana. This is one of the best resources for exploring the use and meaning of Akan symbolism.

Coded Messages: CHAINS

This web site grows from the collaboration of African and American artists who have forged a new form to expose the post-modern context of tradition in the omni-present midst of multinational capitalism. Visit this site if you're interested in learning more about Ghanaian culture.

What's your Akan Name?

Akan is a language spoken in Ghana. In Akan one of the names a person is given depends on his or her day of the week of birth, and the person's sex. Thus there are only fourteen of this kind of Akan name. You can find you Akan name from this site.

Ghanaian Newsrunner

The Ghanaian Newsrunner is a weekly news publication set up to serve the Ghanaian community in Holland. It brings current news from both Ghana and the Netherlands every week. It's main purpose is to inform the readers in an informative and independant manner about what is happening in these two countries. This is to be regarded as a service to Ghanaians in diaspora.

Friends of Ghana (FOG)

Are you feeling FOG(gy)? Well this is the place for you. This site is maintained by former Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Ghana. You should also check out the extensive list of Ghanaian and African stories/tales/fables.

GRi free news distribution service

This moderated list server from Portsmouth University, UK, sends you daily clips on the latest news from Ghana. Now you can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe yourself from this list server by simply sending a message to:

Do not include a subject heading. In the body of the mail type:

subscribe gr-L

Do not include any signatures.

Gonja Association of North America

The Gonja Association of North America was created in 1994 as a non-profit organization to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of Gonjaland residents in the United States and Ghana.

Francis Kojo Akoto's Ghana HomePage

This site has lot of information on Ghana and even more Ghanaian Weblinks!

Linkage Project

The goal of the Linkage Project is to develop a collaborative partnership between Eastern Washington University and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa, to expand and upgrade staff and curriculum at the University of Cape Coast while enhancing the international dimension at Eastern Washington University. Begun in 1994, this grant is now in it's fifth and final year.

Ghana profile from the U.S. Library of Congress

This site has a tremendous amount of general information about Ghana.

Recipes from Ghana

Yum- Fufu! There's nothing like a hearty portion of fufu or TZ amidst a tasty brew of groundnut stew. Check out this page for a few receipes.

C.K. Ladzekpo - African Music and Dance

This page is devoted to the work of C.K. Ladzekpo, director of the African music program at UC Berkeley. He is a member of a famous family of African musicians and dancers who traditionally serve as lead drummers and composers among the Anlo-Ewe people of southeastern Ghana.


Adaawe is an international women's percussion ensemble performing traditional West African and original music. The name Adaawe comes from the traditional Ghanaian Adaawe women's music of the Ga people.


St. Margaret Shelter Care Inc. is an independent non- profit organization founded by Ghanaians who are living in the United States. St. Margaret Shelter is dedicated to assist the people of the rural Sandema District to meet a number of very critical needs, and gain increased self-sufficiency in health care, education, and economic development.

Ghanaian Highlife Music

Get on your Highlife dancing shoes! This site has all sort of zipped Highlife files for you to download and listen.

Naana Kabuki Moore's Homepage

This is the site to visit if your would like to know more about the slave trade and some of the Castles and Forts along the Ghanaian coast.

U.S. State Department Travel Tips

If your planning on traveling to Ghana you might want to check out this site.

HealthNet Navrongo

Here's the link to HealthNet which provides Internet access to the Navrongo Health Research Centre.

A traveler's tale from Ghana

You might want to investigate this site if your interested in hearing about an Obruni's travels in Ghana.

Working in Ghana

This site contains stories of Ghanaian and expatriate workers who tell about their duties, how they feel about them, their relations with others at work, and how the work affects their personal and family life. The expatriates are from several continents and they include several PCV's.

African Instruments

Are you looking to buy Ghanaian masks, drums, and musical instruments? This site might be the right connection for you.

Davi Lojo

Check out Davi Lojo's HomePage for information on purchasing West African textiles.

Gold Coast Africa HomePage!

Here's another HomePage which is selling Ghanaian products on the Web.


You know the Web has gone World Wide when the Contractor responsible for Kumasi-Bolga road and the Tono Dam is on-line!

Ghana Goldfields Ltd.

This HomePage will give you business information on this company's gold mining operations in Ghana.

Ghana On-line

This site tries to provide a one-stop shop for Ghanaians, Businesspersons, and people interested in Ghana


This site spotlights a shop located in Boston and run by a Ghanian woman. Visham specializes in apparel, jewelry, sculptures, fashion accessories and items for the home.

These pages have general information on Ghana's people, government, and economy.

African Resources on the Web


Africa Online is one of Africa's gateway to the Internet. The service chronicles the daily lives of African communities with daily news reports by local African news networks, and from various NGOs. The broader service features HomePages for various African countries, interest groups and individuals, on-line reference materials, music, art and cultural exchanges, travel information and a kids educational section.

Maps of Africa

Do you want maps? This University of Texas WebSite has all the maps you would want including all of the African countries.

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning

This Univeristy of Virginia WebSite exhibits African art. Objects selected for this exhibit were chosen both to exemplify African aesthetic and moral principles and to display some of the finest pieces in the Bayly's large collection. Most of the pieces in the exhibit come from West African societies.

Eye On Africa HomePage

Tired of reading one short paragraph of a major African news story in your newspaper? Tire no more! Bookmark this site and consider it your African CNN.

Voluntary Service Overseas

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is a charity that sends aid to developing countries - not in the form of money, food, clothing or equipment, but in the form of expert volunteers . The right people with the right skills who are committed to ensuring lasting, sustainable improvements where they are most needed.

Africa Partners

An arm of The Navigators, a nonprofit Christian service organization, Africa artners links American business and professional people with African doctors. This bond establishes long term close relationships with mutual commitment.

The Encyclopedia of African Music

This WebSite pulls together a lot of the sites and sounds of Africa.

10,000 mile Solo Journey through Africa

Tag along as Rich Piazza recollects his extraordinary solo 1963 journey with stories and pictures.


Here's an on-line resource to learn more about Mali. Built by and for Malians and people interested in this West African country.

Virtual Zimbabwe

Learn more about this great ancient African civilization!


Explore this site for information on a tradiational African game. You can also order a computer software version of the game. (Note: The traditional African game is not played on a 100 Mhz Pentium PC with this software but instead uses wooden boards and stones.)

Spector Travel of Boston, Inc.

Established in 1989, Spector Travel is specializes in travel to Africa. As a consolidator for discounted African airfares, Spector Travel offers highly discounted fares on major international carriers, such as Sabena, KLM, Air Afrique and South African Airways.

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