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This Web Page is devoted to two small communities in Northern Ghana. The authors of this web page collectively spent six years in these West African towns and they would like you to know more about them.
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By choosing from the following menu or you can take a tour of Navrongo & Lawra and learn more about Navrongo & Lawra's culture, language, and geography. Our index of pages can also help you navigate. For a quick background you can read our Navrongo & Lawra Fact Sheet. You can also check out Ghana's flag, pledge, anthem and coat of arms.

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Virtual Navrongo Culture and language of Navrongo & Lawra
Singing, Drumming, & Xylophoning Sounds History of Navrongo
Ghanaian Cedis,
Stamps, and Beer Labels
Akan Names Other Ghanaian and African WebSites
Threefold Encounter - An Essay The University of Helsinki Lawra Project
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This site was written with the third goal of the U.S. Peace Corps in mind: "Teaching Americans about other cultures through the experiences of returned Peace Corps Volunteers.." As the Web knows no national boundaries, we also hope that this HomePage will help all cultures around the world to appreciate these two very special places. Check out this page for more PC links on the Web.

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The Ghana/Burkina Border at Paga

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