Navrongo Secondary School (Navasco)

Abavana/Volta House

Once called the "Achimoto of the North" this boarding school is home to more than 1600 students mostly from the three Northern regions. This is where Carey and Beverly lived and is also the school were Carey taught Maths and Physics at the 'O' and 'A' level.

Below on the right is a snap-shot of the staff. On the left is Suleman Abdulai lining up a pin through an optical block during his 'O' level Physics exam. Among other things he's trying to determine the refractive index of the plastic block.

This picture shows Navasco students as they perform their 'O' Level physics practical exam. They need to pass this and all of their other 'O' level exams to move on up to the 'A' level (pre-university) courses.

Here's a shot of the some Navasco students after completing a painting of the world on a wall of the school library.

Here's Beverly & Carey in front of their Navasco bungalow. We hope that this tree that we planted will survive the goats and cows that love to munch on little trees.

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