Pito pot and serving calabashes

Pito is a fermented drink made from guinea corn (sorghum). It brewed in many different styles with different tastes. It usually has a low alchohol content.

Pito bars can be found wherever people are. In Lawra, pito almost takes the place of food as this high carbohydrate drink is taken by many people throughout the day.

Here you can see the guinea corn being boiled in large vats. This brewing usually takes a day or two. Now the pito brew is being strained while a taste-tester verifies its authenticity.

This is a typical pito bar where lots of people hang out and meet. It's shaded so its nice and cool. The pito is taken from little pots into calabashes on into the mouth (yum!).
In the Lawra market people sell these little pito pots. These are the containers that Lawra pito is sold in. Navrongo pito is brew and stored in a big plastic containers and dished out into the customers calabash with another calabash.

Here's Bev, Becky, and Becky's father enjoying some "ansama" (morning) pito in Lawra. Ansama pito is a weak brew which is just perfect for a morning top-off.

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