LANDSAT 7 is up and running and has already produced its first image - click on the thumbnails to see "Quick Looks" of some of the first acquired images.

The first multi-spectral image

The first European multi-spectral image

The first panchromatic image

L7 First image thumbnail

L7 First image thumbnail

The multi-spectral image was acquired on Sunday, April 18, 1999 over the southeastern corner of South Dakota, USA.

This multi-spectral image was acquired on 18 May 1999 by the on-board solid-state recorder.

The panchromatic image was also acquired on April 18 and shows the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota using the panchromatic band at 15 meter resolution.

This is a LANDSAT 7 "Browse" image, i.e, what you will be able to view on-line when searching the catalog and selecting acquisitions to order.

Successful acquisitions from the Fucino Ground Station have now been made, and the commissioning is proceding tp plan.

The image clearly shows the airport, a golf course, the city blocks and the major roads, as well as distinguisihing the individual fields in the countryside nearby.

The image is Level 0R, sub-sampled every 8th pixel and every 8th line. Resolution is about 250 meters; bands 4, 3, and 2 (red, green, and blue).


The image shows the northern part of the Netherlands, with Amsterdam in the bottom left-hand corner. The predominantly white areas are the polders reclaimed from the sea. The image shows in considerable detail the changes in depth and water turbidity, both in the Ijssel Meer and in the WaadeenZee behind the barrier islands.

To get a better idea of the resolution zoom in (2x)

Key characteristics

Data Distribution

LANDSAT 7 carries a TM sensor very similar to that on Landsat 5. The differences are:

  • extra 15m panchromatic band co-registered with the multi-spectral
  • band 6 resolution at 60m
  • improved calibration
  • solid-state recorder
  • geodetic accuracy 400m along and across track

Watch this space for announcements about data availability, products and prices from Eurimage.




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