Lightning data
(Blitz-Häufigkeiten bei Gewittern am 21.07.92)

The lightning data were recorded with the LPATS (Lightning Position and Tracking System). Lightning position data, sorted with increasing time, are stored in ASCII files according to the format specification by Hipskind and Gaines.

Data are organized in rows. Each row contains time, longitude, latitude and amplitude of the detected lightning return stroke. Time is given in seconds with 3 decimals. The temporal resolution of the LPATS is about 15 msec. Eastern longitude and Northern latitude are given in degree. The position accuracy inside the network range (see system description) is better than 1 km. Amplitude values given in kA are estimates of the peak current in the return stroke. Positive and negative sign indicate positive and negative return strokes. Strokes with zero amplitude are mostly cloud-to-cloud discharges. Most of the intracloud lightning is, however, not detected by the system.

There are several gaps in the the lightning data stream due to interruptions in the operation of the LPATS. Reliable lightning data are available for the following time intervals:

Data Files

21.07.1992 22.07.1992
bl920721.txt [1.5MB] bl920722.txt [61KB]

Quicklooks of Lightning Data

Animated display of the lightning flash locations

Spatial distribution of lightning flashes

Geographic positions of the
located lightning events
Lightning density,
averaged over 2 km x 2 km squares

Temporal distribution

Time series of minute lightning sums


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