Wolken- und Wasserdampfbilder von Satelliten

Ein Beispiel zur Windmessung aus dem Meteosat-Archiv der EUMETSAT

Winterstorm on 26 December 1999 over Europe as seen in Meteosat Images
This image sequence of 7 visible channel images was taken on 26 December 1999 over Europe and North Africa. One can see a very compact cloud spiral over central Europe which is the cloud pattern associated with the storm of the century. Some weather stations in France reported pressure tendencies of up to 20 hPa/hour. Maximum meassured wind speeds were: 93 Knots at Paris-Orly, 81 Knots in Karlsruhe and 77 Knots in Stuttgart. In addition to these strong winds which caused severe damage in France, Germany and Austria, also considerable amounts of rain were recorded (e.g Saarbrücken 18 mm within a few hours).
This sequence of seven visible images was observed on 26 December 1999 between 8.30 Z and 12.00 Z.

Im Vordergrund Marokko, Algerien und Tunesien.
Beachte die unterschiedlichen Wolkenstockwerke!

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