Here is a gallery of pictures of our friends in Navrongo and Lawra.

Here's Vic, Beverly, and Carey at the NHRC canteen.

That's Kuan Lee (a Malaysian Volunteer) and a group of visiting girls on New Years Day. They spent fifteen minutes in our house before they confessed that they came to the wrong house!

That's Teagray (a neighbors cat) and her kittens.

Helping Eric read his book is Beverly and Meredith. Meredith's cat "Fish" (one of Teagray's kittens) sits contently off to the side.

That's us in front of our mango tree that we planted. God willing, no goats or cows will destroy it before the little guy can fend for himself.

Nazifat and Mohammed on their wedding day. What a party that was!

That's Timothy, Timothy's mother, and Beverly, in Timothy's compound in Sirigu.

That's Carey and Timothy looking stylish at his compound.

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