Little Toy Trucks (Kon-Kons)

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

This is easily seen in the little trucks built by boys out of scrap metal. Tin and aluminum cans are collected, cut and pounded into just the right shapes. Metal pieces are fastened together with stamped rivits from nails. The axels are made from spent plastic Bic pens. And the tires are cut from worn-out foam plastic flip-flops. Pretty resourceful, huh?

Here's United Auto Workers Navrongo Chapter Local #314 (located on the side of my house) busy on the latest truck. Bang, Bang, Bang, all day long - hence the name Kon-Kons.

That's Robert and Martin showing off their fine truck complete with stearing wheel, windshield wipers, and rotating front axel. Robert and Martin built this truck especially for me and I still have it at home!

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Last updated March 9, 1997.

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