Vic's Compound

Vic's compound is just outside the Navasco school boundaries in a village called Janania. Beverly and Carey visited her often as she was a very close friend and made very tasty Tou-Zafu (TZ) and okra stew! Vic's full name is Victoria Anuyere Abobiya. Anu - means "mother" and Yere - means "name". She lives with several of her brothers one of them being Alantigba - whose name means "the hunter who leans on the tree." Vic has many trades: Farmer, Teacher, Architect, and Seamstress. During the wet season Vic is busy farming rice, corn, groundnuts, beans, and okra. During the Dry season she's busy rebuilding parts of her compound that may have deteriorated during the previous months heavy rains. She's also an excellent seamstress making Kabas and shirts. Year-round she's teaching Kasem speaking adults how to read and write Kasem. Once they learn to read and write in Kasem they are then better able to learn English. She is also a leader of a Janania's womens group which is trying to better the lives of Janania women through income generating projects and education. She's truly a great woman!

Here's Vic washing soil off of her harvested groundnuts.

Here's Vic's compound courtyard. The conical structure to the right is where she stores part of her harvest.

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